Welcome to my 23rd attempt to create a post. Apparently having a four year college degree means nothing when it comes to posting your thoughts on the Internet. Go figure :p
The reason for this post is the simple fact that circumstances in my life have dictated that I be awake for the next several nights helping my family with a medical situation. Nothing dire mind you, just a need for a warm body in a chair. So here I sit in a hospital room at 2:30 in the morning learning just how productive (and by productive I mean completly non productive) one can be in the middle of the night. 
For starters, there is ample time to post one’s thoughts and observations. (thank you iPhone) Next is the observation that there is no shortage of crappy 70’s movies on TCM this time of night. Continuing, we find out that if there’s a cooler out in the hall labled “sugar free juice,” it’s best to just leave it alone. (i’m pretty sure radiator water would taste better) Then there is facebook.  Ahh facebook. It’s tried and true. Turns out no matter what time of day you update your status (even at an ungodly hour in the morning) someone is sure to comment on it within a five minute time frame.  Got to love those constant updates. 
Speaking of updates I’ve already missed out on far too much of my crappy 70’s movie. Time to catch up on the plot. Until I’m bored out of my mind again. 


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